The new logo and the new corporate identity that follows mark an exciting and important new chapter in Citroën’s history.
The new logo proudly interprets the original 1919 oval and is the 10th form it has taken in Citroën’s 103-year history.
It will make its debut on the original “Oli” (all-ë) vehicle and then gradually adorn global products from mid-2023 onwards.
The upgraded corporate identity will increasingly be made available in digital and corporate environments.
The new brand signature holds promise for a faster transition to the bold, inclusive and emotional new era for Citroën’s advanced mobility solutions and customer relationships.

Citroën unveils its new corporate identity and logo, signalling a bold, exciting and dynamic new era for the brand with its 103 exciting and rich years of history. A new era that Citroën is in the making as it accelerates its mission to make electric sustainable mobility accessible to all and expands its core DNA of affordability.

The new look is a reinterpretation of the original logo, first adopted by founder André Citroën and inspired by the success of his first metalworking company, which produced ‘fishbone’ gear systems. The familiar and technical reference “deux chevrons” has remained at the heart of Citroën’s identity ever since.

The sleek new look of the emblem showcases the evolution of the brand and will debut in a few days, in an important Citroën family prototype. The new logo look will then be seen on future production and prototype Citroën vehicles from mid-2023 onwards. The prominent, reinforced vertical oval frame will introduce a new direction in the design language in which the visually prominent logo will become an instantly recognisable signature element of all Citroën models.

Complementing the new logo is the new corporate identity program along with the introduction of the new corporate signature, which promises “Nothing Moves Us Like Citroën”.

Citroën CEO, Vincent Cobée, said: “As we embark on possibly the most exciting chapter in our illustrious 103-year history, the time is right for Citroën to adopt a modern new look. Our new identity is an elegant symbol of progress as we move our customers in bold, forward-looking vehicles that challenge traditional industry norms and emotionally ensure that their entire experience – and electric mobility in particular – is more accessible, comfortable and enjoyable and can meet their every need. Our heritage of inspiring consumers with bold and revolutionary vehicles gives us the energy to take a different, more inclusive approach to future mobility that will be relevant to families and we firmly believe that customers past, present and future will agree that nothing moves us like Citroën.”


Central to the brand’s identity, the evolution of Citroën’s world-famous “deux chevrons” symbol – the tenth major refresh of the Citroën logo since the company’s creation in 1919 – features larger and more prominent chevrons, contrasting with the background and vertical oval frame.

Notably, the more prominent, enhanced vertical oval frame will initiate a new direction in product design language, in which the company’s visually prominent logo will become an instantly recognisable signature element of all Citroën models.

Citroën’s Worldwide Brand Designer, Alexandre Revert, claimed: “As we focus on the future, it makes sense to come full circle by returning graphically to André Citroën’s first logo, which represented the genuine promise of affordable and innovative mobility for all. Progressively, the transition to a more prominent and visible brand signature for our future designs is an important if ‘subtle’ evolution, where the precision of the technical functional chevrons, embraced and contrasted with the warmth and almost human softness of the oval that surrounds them.”

Supporting the new vertical oval logo is a fresh and comprehensive corporate identity program that serves as a further timely indication of how Citroën is accelerating its commitment to making electric sustainable mobility accessible to all, while maintaining and extending its core DNA of accessibility, boldness and well-being for all its customers.

The comfortable and intimate interior philosophy in its retail stores and “La Maison Citroën” showrooms will also continue to improve as it has proven popular with customers across Europe and in our country. This will be done as part of the expansion of the new brand identity, which includes both the digital environment and the use of the new logo on and in vehicles, as well as in merchandising and documentation, and the signage of dealerships and corporate buildings. The distinctive new signage will save energy and be even more environmentally friendly, as it is chrome-free in order to be more recyclable.

A fresh, simplified colour palette and new lettering developed from Citroën’s current proprietary fonts will complement the logo and further enhance the brand’s new identity. While white and light grey provide a base of serenity and lightness, two distinctive colours will be introduced as punctuation points for contrast and applied to details and specific areas. Inspired by a heritage colour for Citroën, which has been used on iconic cars throughout the company’s history, including the 2CV, Monte Carlo Blue will be a welcome return to the available car colours. In addition, a more vibrant infrared will replace the red currently used to add balance and dynamic contrast to print and digital applications.

The evolutionary new brand logo and Citroën’s corporate identity combine with the signature “Nothing Moves Us Like Citroën” to highlight the upcoming revolution in the brand’s approach to future accessible mobility solutions and its commitment to stress-free customer service. The brand’s new signature – “Nothing Moves Us Like Citroën” – will begin to be used selectively in corporate and product communications and activities. The first physical elements of this will be explored in a major concept family vehicle bearing the new identity, which will be unveiled by Citroën in a few days.

Laurent Barria, Head of Marketing and Communication at Citroën, said: “By embracing our roots and reinterpreting our identity in a modern way, we are sending a clear message to everyone that while we remain true to our brand DNA, things are changing significantly at Citroën. We continue to see things differently in our quest to create bold solutions in our mission to create bold solutions that make electric sustainable mobility more accessible. We are determined to prove to our customers, and to ourselves, that no one and nothing motivates us like Citroën, as we extend the emotional well-being we experience in and out of the car to every aspect of the journey. It requires revolutionary thinking in everything we do, from the innovative vehicles we create to the inclusive, responsible services we provide. We express and support our unique approach. That’s exactly what we promise to do today.”